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What the HELL is this about anyway?


Well, The Adventures of Benji and Jojo is about.. nothing really. There's not much of a plot, other than Benji and Jojo trying to live life... happily? Yea that's it. I'm trying to aim for humor, but since humor isn't my best subject, I'm not going to be surprised if you don't think my comic is funny. It's just that my friends seem to enjoy it, so why not share it with the rest of the world? O_o;;; Hm... I'm starting to think that wasn't a good move on my part... oh well! Too late to turn back now!

Anyway, the AoBaJ is about the humorous life of these two guys who live together and their friends. They have adventures that may seem over-the-top in real life, but for them it's just another regular day. Hell, we even have Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in some comics! You gotta love that! *points at rabid fangirls* You! Back off!

In case you are wondering (which I know you aren't) anything about me, then let me clear up something about myself. I'm an 19 year old girl who goes to college at the UConn Waterbury campus, loves anime, manga, and video games, likes to draw. Making comics is just another one of my hobbies.... and when I'm not doing that... I'm working at my job, in class, or sleeping.

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