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Frostwings, 18 Feb 2008

Hm..I'm really not sure why you don't have more fans. Either my sense of humor is really that bad and only I find this funny or there's something else that's putting off readers =/

I think I'mma suggest this for a spotlight~~ Probably get an idea on areas of improvement if people don't support the nomination :P

Kayu Ishida, 18 Feb 2008

The fans I do have have already given me a lot of support, but the people who don't like what I do...well...they never tell me! No one has ever told me where I could improve, or why they don't like my comic! (actually, I think someone said I should ink the comic, which I may do if I have the time.) I have no idea what I need to do to get more people to read AoBaJ...but that's ok! I'm just happy knowing that I can bring some people joy when they read my comics, even if it's only a very small amount of people. ^_^

Frostwings, 19 Feb 2008

Well, that's why I nominated the comic for a spotlight~ xD Good luck =P

Kayu Ishida, 19 Feb 2008

Thank you! ^___^ You rock!

Lite Side o' d Force, 03 May 2008

I like your comic and I have a good sense of humor!
...I think...

Kayu Ishida, 04 May 2008


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