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What a Butt

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Advertisement, 26 May 2019


Kayu Ishida, 06 Apr 2008

Or did he?! Dun dun dun!!!

Frostwings, 09 Apr 2008

lol get off my property <3

Captain Ghost, 01 May 2008

Faved. This is a really interesting/awesome comic. ^^! Good job.

Lite Side o' d Force, 03 May 2008

I think you're getting more fans! ^_^

Kayu Ishida, 04 May 2008

^__^ Oh that would be so great! Thanks everyone for being awesome!

Frostwings, 06 May 2008


Kayu Ishida, 06 May 2008

O_O Look at the news post! Rawr! XD

Pawky!, 09 May 2008

<3 It's so cute. The art could use a little work but hell, almost every comic here on SJ could use a little work. Mmm... MY fangirlism is begging for a little Benji/Jojo action. XD Would Benji be short for anything or is it just Benji?

Kayu Ishida, 11 May 2008

Um... Crap I forget if Benji is short for something. Oh! I suppose Benjamin, but I'll just let Benji remain as Benji. Nothing more. ^__^;;

Well, I guess I'll just have to add some favservice! So many people want the Benji/Jojo.... XD

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