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Ah yes, fanart. Getting art from fans is one of the best things a fan could give.... besides fanfics and money. Anyway, if you really like AoBaJ, and want to express your love by submiting art, then feel free to do so! But please, no hentai (AKA naked pics). I don't want to have someone send in a pic of Benji and Jojo having hot monkey sex, or a pic of Kurt and Beth doing the horizantal mambo. Got it? Try to keep it from G to PG-13 friendly, ya? Oh! And you can also send in fancomics! So if you have a pic or comic for AoBaJ, then email me please. Oh, and no stealing! If you steal art, then you are EVIL! Grrr!..... Enjoy the art!


Art Artist Rating Comments
Thorn Star PG Aww! I like how Jojo's hair was drawn. It's longer, but cool.
Kujas Mistress PG Holy crap! Talk about kick-ass art!
Kujas Mistress PG-13 Damn! Jojo is looking FINE! *drool*
Kujas Mistress PG-13 BENJI-SAMA! *glomps* God....could you be any sexier?
Kujas Mistress PG Behold! The first fanart EVER! And a beautiful one at that! Featuring Benji and Jojo in all their glory.

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