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Want to see my pictures? Yea.... no... what? Oh wait nevermind. No stealing, because I'll send my ninja monkies to destroy your computer on you. ^_^ No takie, no killed pc. Got it? *sigh* Man I'm tired.....*snore*

Oh uh... hover over the pic to see a rating and description. Pictures that have a thicker border are new.

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PG - Benji looking spiffy and cool. PG - It's the girls' turns to dress up now! Please try not to stare at Beth's breasts for too long, for it may cause discomfort PG - The men in their fancy suits. The occation is unknown. PG - Bubbles and shadows can go take a dump. And yes, she knows your future. PG - If only pets could talk... then they'd never shut up... PG-13 - His arm is deformed in this. Majorly deformed! They coloring isn't that good either. However... doesn't he look somewhat sexy? Totally glompable. My first CG pic for AoBaJ! PG - Well.. Jojo does love video games. He looks like an ape in this picture though. Dammit! >_<+ PG - Ron and Kurt sitting on the couch...and I think Ron is showing him a drawing. PG - Jojo and Benji are sleeping on the couch. PG - Benji is sick, and Jojo made soup! O_o; PG - Benji snoozing in a chair. It's cute! PG - Ron petting Dog, and both are happy. ^_^ PG - Benji and Beth being cute, and for some reason Jojo, Kurt, and Dog are in the corner. PG - Deticated to a friend of mine, but I erased her name...for saftey reasons or something. PG - Kurt and Dog. Don't feel unloved! I love you! PG - Ron and Beth. Spreading love and hate. PG - Benji and Jojo being themselves.

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