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04 May 2008

I'm in a Slump... So Give Me Back My Wii!!!

Forgive me for continuing to be slow with the updates, but at this very moment in time I an feeling quite...disheartened, depressed, and just plain down in the dumps. Someone stole my Wii right out of my house, and took all the controlers, cables, games, sensor...everything. I'm upset that I don't have my Wii anymore, but I think I am more hurt by the fact that someone would steal from me, from my family's house. If you guys knew my family in real life, you'd know right from the start that we are very hospitable people, and we welcome everyone into our home... and yet someone or some people disregard our kindness and steal our shit! I just can't get over it!!!! I really hate people sometimes... ERG! Where the fuck do they get off!?!?!

Sorry sorry sorry..this isn't the time or place to rant about my problems. It's just...that's $500-$600 down the drain, unless we find out who did it. Anyways...so I'm dealing with that right now, and I also have finals coming up next week. I'm almost done with the next AoBaJ comic, I just need to finish the last panel by drawing and inking it.

Gasp!! That's right I said inking! Ohhh! I hope you guys like the changes I'm going to be making to the comic. I hope it will look...cleaner. ^_^ So bare with me please! I'm doing my best to get new comics up here AND keep my sanity!

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